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12+ Expert Speakers and Presenters 
16 Training Sessions Just for Runners
You will get immediate access to the complete recordings of the live presentations which covered 2 days! 14 Hours total training to help you understand the tips, tricks and tactics experts use to get past overtraining injuries quickly advance your recovery.

Hosted by Dr. Christopher Segler

Ultra-Marathoner, Ironman All-World Athlete, 15-Time Ironman Sports Medicine Podiatrist, and Foot & Ankle Surgeon who will personally conduct 6 web-cam check-in sessions per week.

Immediate Access to Replays of Runners Rapid Recovery Summit

Start watching now! View sessions at your pace, your schedule. Get 30 days of access to ALL 16 Sessions with more than a dozen experts and nationally respected speakers. 

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Direct Access 6 times per week

Frequent Follow-Up is Key! Dr. Segler will host Q&A web-cam sessions so you can get timely answers and make sure you don't spend days wondering what you should be doing next. 

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Runners Rapid Recovery Journal

Start taking action today by working through the exercises in the Runners Rapid Recovery Journal. Instant Download version. This will help you start truly assessing what you need to do now.
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