Turn Up Your Volume And Listen
What you will learn from the course...

If you have Achilles trouble...

You're probably really freaked out right now and think you're going to lose all of your fitness while you heal. But it doesn't have to be that way. This course will show you how any runner can fix an aching Achilles tendon with simple steps at home... right now.

Your doc said "Stop Running"

You don't have to stop running. You just have to reduce the stress to the injured tendon so it can heal. This course will show you how to decrease the stress on the Achilles tendon as you recover and maintain your running fitness to get back to running sooner.

Power strategies for healing

You need to think of healing the same way you think of training. You need to maximize your body's capacity to heal as quickly as possible. This course will show you all the strategies I teach to injured elite runners.

Run without making it worse

The worst thing you can do is sit still, stop exercising and lose all of your running fitness. It is possible to maintain your running fitness at the same time you calm down an angry Achilles. This course will show you how. Your next long run awaits!  Get started today...sign ups now!
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ONE TIME OFFER: 1-on-1 consultation coaching call with Dr. Segler. Get jump started in the course, fast track your self-diagnosis process and get immediate answers to your most pressing running questions. THIS OFFER IS MORE THAN 50% OFF THE REGULAR PRICE AND WILL NOT BE OFFERED AGAIN ONCE THIS WINDOW CLOSES!

Dynamically Updated
 know what's wrong!  
  • make sure it is  really tendinitis
  •  maybe it's just tenosynovitis!
  • ​make sure it is NOT tendinosis!
  • ​this course will show you how!
 get it to heal
  • decrease inflammation around the Achilles
  • ​decrease the stress to the Achilles
  • ​fuel the healing process
  • ​this course will show you how!
 know how to run!
  • don't lose your running fitness!
  • ​reduce the strain when you run
  • ​know the trouble signs when you run
  • ​this course will show you how!
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