How To Run With a Stress Fracture: FREE Live Webinar
FREE Webinar 
for Runners
How To RUN with A STress Fracture
Learn the strategies I teach to doctors at medical conferences. I will share the secret recipes for decreasing stress so a runner can run and still heal a stress fracture. 
Can't figure out how 
You Can Run Now?
I teach doctors how to treat stress fractures. 
I'll show how YOU CAN RUN AND STILL HEAL!(even if you have a stress fracture in your foot)
Did your doctor tell you Stop Running?
Learn why doctors say "stop running"and why YOU DON'T HAVE TO QUIT RUNNING!
(and why NOT running puts runners at risk)
Want to run a race 
with a stress fracture?
Learn how one Ironman triathlete set a new PR WITH A STRESS FRACTURE IN HER FOOT! (without getting worse)
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