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If you are not running because you have been frustrated by a nagging plantar plate injury...

What are you missing? 

Every runner who has a plantar plate injury and calls me for a consultation is missing the single most important opportunity to get back to running quickly. Why?
It's not that plantar plates need surgery.  
It's not seeing the wrong doctor. 
It's not that you need a different supplement. 

This free training will teach you the why plantar plate sprains in runners can be so confusion, BUT how everything you learned as a runner in training is really all you need to change course with your recovery right now. 
 What I learned about plantar plate injuries from surgical training
How I figured out that much of what we as doctors are taught just does not serve runners.
Why doctors hold runners back from running unnecessarily
How I figured out many runners who get sold plantar plate surgery may not even need it.
What I learned about plantar plate injuries from runners in training  
How I figured out runners already know what to do that can be applied to this injury now.
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