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Tired of NOT running because of Heel Pain? 

The first step to figuring out how to run when you have heel pain is making sure you know how bad the problem might be. Which one do you really have:

        Plantar Fasciitis?
        Heel Nerve Neuritis?
        Bursitis on bottom of the Heel?
        Stress Fracture of the Heel Bone?
        Partial Tear of the Plantar Fascia?

This training will teach you the difference between each of those conditions and what they really mean in terms of you returning to running as quickly as possible.   It will also teach about some of the most common mistakes runners make keeping them from working out while it heals. Sign up now! 
 What really causes  heel pain in runners?
Learn the different forms of stress that cause heel pain in runners.
Can I run with a 
Heel Pain?
The only guarantee when you stop running is you are guaranteed to lose your fitness.
What happens if 
it gets worse?
See what really happens when you 
ignore heel pain and keep running.
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