I Don't Need a consultation over webcam just want a quick chat with Dr. Segler 
so I can get my questions answered

No problem...here it is!

Most people don't need my help.

But you need help if this sounds familiar

  • You're a Runner: But you are NOT running like you want to.
  • You're Injured: But your gut says your diagnosis just isn't right. 
  • You're Frustrated: ​Because your doctor just doesn't seem to get runners.
  • You're Going Crazy:  And you REALLY need to start working out now!
  • You want help Running: instead of being told "stop running."
  • ​You have a bunch of Questions: and you want real answers!
  • PRIVATE CALL: 1-on-1. Just you and a true running expert on the phone.
  • 1/4 Hour:  15 minutes is blocked just for you.
  • Running Focus First: We will talk about running as THE priority!
  • ​Ask me anything: Real talk, real answers from a real expert. 
  • Imaging Review: Dr Segler will NOT review you MRI, CT, or X-rays
  • ​​Imaging Order: Dr Segler will NOT order MRI or X-rays
  • Runner's Mindset Reset Plan: Not included. 
  • ​​Runner's Rapid Recovery Journal: Not included.  
  • Running Fitness Accelerator: Not included. 
  • ​Injury Nutrition Crash Course: Not included. 
  • No guarantee since the call is only about your questions
  • ​15 minutes  
  • ​Best when you know the diagnosis and just need some clarification
  • ​$97

Your next run may be 
just one call away...

Phone Calls Eliminate Time Wasting.

  • No waiting room… we do phone calls for fast answers. Get real answers right from your own home.
  • Convenient scheduling…we will see you at a time that works with your schedule...even early morning, late afternoon or on the weekend.
  • ​Extended visits… even our shortest call, 15 minutes, is probably more time than you got with your last doctor in their own office.
  • ​​Get the right answers on your first time. Phone calls can clear up any gray areas fast. 
Questions about phone calls

here's the game plan!

This is what you get before our call:
Day 1 challenge image preview, orange, black, dr segler smiling, play button

preparing for the call

After you schedule you phone call, you will be given a small list of TO-DOs to prepare so you ca get everything you need to return to running. These tasks will, in turn, allow you to be fully equipped to receive the most value out of the call! Some of these tasks include...
  • Take pictures of your feet and ankles (so I can see them)
  • Complete the preparation assignment
  • Get started on better path to recovery and running again
You'll be given specific instructions with more detail on the confirmation page. With these steps completed, you'll gain more value from this interactive call.

did Phone calls help other runners?

These are real runners who recently got help through the phone calls... 
Stress Fracture
Phone Calls For Questions
Torn Plantar Plate
Phone calls for Questions

Some of what we can cover during your call...

  • Can I heal and not lose my running fitness?
  • ​How do I know how bad the injury is right now
  • Remove confusion caused by inflammation
  • ​How can I reduce tissue stress so you can train now
  • Are there other tests or questions I should ask my regular doctor?
Dr. Christopher Segler teaches other doctors how to treat runners fast. He travels around the world speaking at medical conferences to help doctors understand how to let runners run even while they heal injury. He is a 15-time Ironman Finisher, Ironman All-World Athlete, Ironman World Championship Finisher and super-active Ultra-marathon runner. He is also Board Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine. 

What would a quick recovery mean for you?

For everyone it's different...

For some of you, you are postponing your physical goals, and you're trying to get back on track. But waiting is not a plan!

For others, you are wanting to heal properly... but you're stuck, and you're not sure where to start. Maybe you're just confused.

And for others of you, you're looking for that one solution that will help you fast-track your recovery! You need expert advice!

You can get a plan, with advice from a running injury expert right now.

I want a second opinion, but don't need a one hour webcam call

Can I book a phone call for a "quick second opinion"? 

No. Every injured runner who is not getting better and then finally decides to call me (after weeks or months of lost running fitness) is doing so because they did not get what they needed out of 15 minute office visits. Keep in mind, most of these doctors have the same type of training that I do. Most of those doctors are probably smarter than me, too. But they see so many patients each day they can't take the time needed to answer all the questions unique to injured runners. If you think you can get everything you need at the 15 minute office visit just making appointment with your local physician.

I already had an MRI would like Dr. Segler to look at it. 
Can I send my MRI in advance, have him review it before our call and use the 15 minute call to ask questions about what he sees?

No. Dr. Segler never reviews studies to formulate a medical opinion in isolation based on only one piece of information. 
Even something as seemingly comprehensive and fancy as an MRI. During a WebCam visit Dr. Segler will review the MRI with you via screen-share and discuss all of it as related specifically to your symptoms, based on whatever he finds during the MRI review. 

I had an MRI and would to send the MRI report to Dr. Segler. 
Can we discuss my MRI report during a 15 minute phone call?

Yes. However, you should understand you may be selling yourself short in doing so. 
You will be asking Dr. Segler to formulate an opinion off of another doctor’s opinion, in the form of the radiology report. If you really want to know Dr. Segler thinks, you would be much better off reading the MRI together so you can find out what Dr. Segler really discovers in reviewing the images with you, instead of just reading a report in which another doctor states what a radiologist found. 

I would like to book a 15 minute phone call but want to know if I can email questions after our call if something else comes up?

No. Dr. Segler receives literally thousands of emails per day. 
He does not even open let alone review most emails, nor respond. Dr. Segler does not offer any follow up via email at all. 

Injured Runners Need A Real Running Expert

As a runner, you probably want (and should expect) a doctor who can completely understand the problem. Not just the anatomy or the physiology associated with a certain injury, but all of the specific details of running that can affect an injured runner’s recovery. You should expect that your doctor will take into account the fact that you are young healthy adult who can heal faster than the sedentary individual. You need a doctor who will help you figure out how to stay fit… even while you heal.

“Doc On the Run” is a running injury expert by any definition. He is invited to lecture at medical conferences on running injuries several times per year. He has authored a chapter in a Sports Medicine textbook. He literally wrote the book on Runner’s Heel Pain. He has presented his award winning research at medical conferences in the Unites States, Canada, New Zealand and Portugal. He has completed several marathons and is a 15-time Ironman Triathlon finisher with a personal best of 10:59:07. For his Ironman race performances in 2014, he received the 2015 Ironman All World Athlete distinction. He competed in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii in October 2015. His patients include multiple world champion triathletes, prior Olympic trials marathon runners, members of the U.S. Ski team and San Francisco Giants and professional Ironman triathletes. His online sports medicine podiatry practice focuses on keeping runners running.

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS schedule the call! 

Real runners who made real progress After working with Dr. Segler over the phone:

Foot Fracture follow-up Via Phone

Phone calls for Help and Clarification

after Achilles PRP Injection Return To Running via phone call

I only offer these shorter phone calls every so often and I REALLY don't want you to miss out on this!

So... one last time, here is a reminder of everything you get:

EVERYTHING You Get When You Schedule Your Phone Call  Today!

  • ​​​15 Min. Running Injury Phone Call - Private 1-on-1 Q&A ($297 value)
  • ​Quick access to fast answers

Total Value: $297

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