frustrated because a doctor told you... "STOP RUNNING" is your treatment plan?

you need a second opinion.

Most people don't need my help.

But you need help if this sounds familiar

  • You're a Runner: But you are NOT running like you want to.
  • You're Injured: But your gut says something isn't right with your plan. 
  • You're Frustrated: ​Because your doctor just doesn't seem to get you.
  • You're Going Crazy:  And you REALLY need to start working out now!
  • You want help Running: instead of being told "stop running."
  • ​You have a bunch of Questions: and you want real answers!

2 Ways to Get Help NOW:


  • PRIVATE CALL: 1-on-1. Just you and a running injury expert face-to-face.
  • ONE Hour: A full 60 minutes is blocked just for you.
  • Running Focus First: We will talk about running as THE priority!
  • ​Injury Review Second: Get a second opinion and change course. 
  • Imaging Review: Dr Segler will review you MRI, CT, or X-rays
  • ​​Imaging Order: Dr Segler will order your MRI or X-rays if needed
  • Runner's Mindset Reset Plan: Get your brain back on your team. 
  • ​​Runner's Rapid Recovery Journal: Instant download to start now. 
  • Running Fitness Accelerator: Start working out today. YES. TODAY.
  • ​Injury Nutrition Crash Course: Focus your diet on fixing the injury.
  • Guaranteed to be worth it or 100% of your money back. Seriously.


  • PRIVATE CALL: 1-on-1. Just you and a true running expert on the phone.
  • 1/4 Hour:  15 minutes is blocked just for you.
  • Running Focus First: We will talk about running as THE priority!
  • ​Ask me anything: Real talk, real answers from a real expert. 
  • Imaging Review: Dr Segler will NOT review you MRI, CT, or X-rays
  • ​​Imaging Order: Dr Segler will NOT order MRI or X-rays
  • Runner's Mindset Reset Plan: Not included. 
  • ​​Runner's Rapid Recovery Journal: Not included.  
  • Running Fitness Accelerator: Not included. 
  • ​Injury Nutrition Crash Course: Not included. 
  • No guarantee since the call is only about your questions.  
get recovered faster with a challenge that hold you accountable FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME!

5-Steps You Will Learn:

  • Can I run and not lose my running fitness?
  • ​Figure out how bad the injury is right now
  • Remove confusion caused by inflammation
  • ​Reduce tissue stress so you can train now
  • Safely test, re-test and keep running
What I Iearned when injured in medical school was wrong.
What I learned when injured before an Ironman race was right.
This 5-step process worked for me and it can work for you, too.
Dr. Christopher Segler teaches other doctors how to treat runners fast. He travels around the world speaking at medical conferences to help doctors understand how to let runners run even while they heal injury. He is a 15-time Ironman Finisher, Ironman All-World Athlete, Ironman World Championship Finisher and super-active Ultra-marathon runner. He is also Board Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine. 

What would a quick recovery mean for you?

For everyone it's different...

For some of you, you are postponing your physical goals, and you're trying to get back on track.

For others, you are wanting to heal properly... but you're stuck, and you're not sure where to start.

And for others of you, you're looking for that one solution that will help you fast-track your recovery!

Before I share with you MY GOAL for this 'Fast Track Challenge' with you... let me ask you a few questions...

here's how it works!

You pay just $67 to join The 'Fast Track Challenge' and I'll take you on a step-by-step journey on how to speed up your recovery!

This $67 barely covers the cost for materials that I am going to give you during this challenge! (more info on this below)
Not only am I going to teach you the step-by-step process, but I'm also going to set you up with the tools you need to succeed! (more to come on this below)

here's the game plan!

For 3 days, I am going to teach you step-by-step what you need to do each and every single day in order to be fast-track your recovery!

To make this as easy as possible, I have a specific focus for each day:
Day 1 challenge image preview, orange, black, dr segler smiling, play button

preparing for the challenge

After you register, you will be given a small list of TO-DOs to prepare for the Fast Track Challenge. These tasks will, in turn, allow you to be fully equipped to receive the most value out of the challenge! Some of these tasks include...
  • Take the quiz (found here)
  • Complete the preparation assignment
  • Get plugged into the community
You'll be given specific instructions with more detail on the confirmation page. With these steps completed, you'll gain more value from this interactive event.
Day 1 challenge image preview, orange, black, dr segler smiling, play button

DAY 1 - Gain A New Perspective

On Day 1 we start with explaining why I look at running injuries differently...and why you should, too. You will take actionable steps to figure out how bad your injury is…all on your own without and x-ray or doctor’s office visit. You will learn how to track progress as you make changes through the next few days during the Challenge.  

In this session you will decide whether or not you can run and start determining and documenting how much pain you have right now. After that, you will be in a position to make decisions about activity level as you move forward and maintain your running fitness. Then, you will reduce the inflammation to get your true baseline.
Day 1 challenge image preview, orange, black, dr segler smiling, play button

DAY 2 - Reduce Stress

On Day 2  you will learn how you can reduce stress to the injured tissue so you can ramp up your activity while you are recovering. After that, you will be able to add some activity without exceeding the tissue's threshold for healing. 

You can then continue to reevaluate your activity level as you keep moving forward to maintain your running fitness. The goal is to ramp up fitness while keeping your pain level (and tissue stress) at or below your current baseline.

Day 1 challenge image preview, orange, black, dr segler smiling, play button

DAY 3 - Get moving

Day 3 you are going to get moving, start aggressively rebuilding fitness and make sure you stay safe through your activity ramp up. Before you can resume full running workouts, you have to address the other factors that put you at higher risk of re-injury. 

This session will show you how to thoughtfully and carefully get your running strength, balance and stability back, and continue to recover, all while maintaining your running fitness. You will leave with concrete tools to get stronger without making any injury worse. You will learn some simple ways to actually decrease the stress and strain on the foot when you work out as well. 



Recovery Journal

($97 Value)

Runner's Rapid Recovery Journal
Instant download PDF version so you can get to work today!
Step-by-Step focus on what matters, taking all of your training experience and shifting it into recovery, achieving your goals as quickly as possible. 

Take action and discover how you can speed up recovery, develop a plan and process for running as fast as possible.

private Facebook group


You'll get access to this private Recovering Runners Facebook Community! Exclusive only for Fast Track members... you'll get Instant access to our private "Recovering Runners" Facebook Community! You can get connected to other injured runners who share similar experiences so you can share results and gain extreme value!


I'm giving out INSANE prizes to Challengers that show up and complete the challenge!
($350 Value)
private Consultation
Win an opportunity to speak with Dr. Segler for one whole hour via private web-cam!
($497 Value)
self-treatment course
Win access to any self-treatment course that is designed for your specific running injury!
Are you starting to see how INSANE THIS OFFER IS?

I could easily charge HUNDREDS for this full 3-day Challenge... but I want to make sure that EVERYONE... even a BRAND NEW Runner can take part!

with the Webcam call?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. This is really simple.
Here's how the WebCam Satisfaction Guarantee works...
  • We will get on webcam together at the time you scheduled.
  • I'll review your completed assignments and find out more about you.
  • About half-way into the call, I'll ask you a really simple question..."So far in our meeting, have you gotten at least $350 worth of value from the call? If not, we can end the call right now, and I will go to our payment processor and issue a 100% REFUND." And, you can still keep all of the book, checklists, and training materials I gave you when you signed up. 
I can only do these challenges every so often though and I REALLY don't want you to miss out on this!

The next challenge starts soon and once it starts we don't let anyone else in so that we can ensure that all of our Challengers get our full attention!

So... one last time, here is a reminder of everything you get:

EVERYTHING You Get When You Join The 'Fast Track Challenge' Today!


Total Value: $347

join today for just:



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